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this is what leaked from my conceptual orb...


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a lapsed collaboration...

I was working on a new swashbuckling horror RPG, in collaboration with the creator of such marvellous games as 'Captain Kronos, vampire hunter' and 'Lashings of ginger beer' (see the link below).

As is often the case with these projects, real life has got in the way and there's been no work done on it recently.

Something may appear on this web site in the future, you never know...

ok, If you're easily offended, dont read any further...

The forgotten RPG skills...

I'm waiting for the RPG to appear with the really important life skills. These include:

PEE: the ability to get it in the bowl rather than all over the floor after copious amounts of beer. Female characters should probably have a higher starting chance than males..

HEAD: lets face it, if you have a good score in this skill you wouldn't need any sort of persuasion, debate or manipulation skills. It goes like this:

Person receiving: "Oh god thats good, dont stop!"

Person giving: "Slurp, so tell me your bosses plans, slurp.."

SELF PLEASURE: see my discussion below for the sort of people who are experts with this skill..

PMT SURVIVAL: basically, if you're male and haven't realised the importance of this skill, your life is going to be hell.. (GMs should give a bonus to those smart characters who use chocolate to help their situation).

- - - - - -

What is it about RPGs that attracts such sorry individuals? Is it any wonder that roleplayers are thought of as sad geeks when so many of them are the sort that spend their time memorising every episode of Babylon 5, rather than developing even the most rudimentary social skills?

The type of gamer I'm talking about are the ones that think collectable card games are more fun than sex, rather than an unscrupulous attempt to make cash. They're the sort that attempt to engage me in the following types of discussion:

Sad Geek: 'the katana is more effective than the broadsword in terms of its fine balance'

Me: 'that may be so my friend, but you're holding a latex LRP katana, so i'm not sure the same argument can be applied.. for fXXXks sake!'

Anyway, speaking of CCGs, you can find my own set of rules for CLIQUE, the unplayable, uncollectable card game at the Critical Miss site (see the link below).

Beyond Belief, home of Captain Kronos et al.

For the Critical Miss site, click here.

For the CLIQUE CCG at Critical Miss, click here.